What we do

Founded in 1987, PBA is a Robotics and Automation enabler in Southeast Asia. We focus on developing our core technology – building robotics products and offering turnkey automation solutions to help businesses scale up with Industry 4.0 (I4.0) technology. We have grown from our early beginnings as a precision components distributor to become a regional provider in robotics and automation solutions. We specialise in precision and general robotics, built on our core expertise in motion control. With a purpose to serve as a technology partner, the agile approach of our R&D and manufacturing teams enables us to develop and utilise our core technologies, to produce customised solutions for businesses across different industries

Why we do

PBA Group is the future of automation. With constant innovation in Industry 4.0 technology, our purpose is to serve as a robotics and automation enabler with solutions which are designed to be always future-ready, for the everyday and everyone. We develop intelligent solutions to transform your work spaces, and commercial, residential and industrial shop floors, so you can optimise and scale. We provide project consultation, proof of concept, project implementation, and post-implementation servicing, tailored to your business needs. PBA (Platform for Bots and Automation) enables businesses of every size, partners, professsionals, and more, to leverage Industry 4.0 technologies with access to our platforms in the areas of technology, partnership, education, community and talent – empowering a growing ecosystem.

How we do

In a world shaped by technology, we seek to disrupt, redefine and break the mould. PBA Group aims to innovate, enable and push limits. Until the line separating technology and the routine in our everyday fades, and they become one and the same — simple and accessible to all.