Our Story (The Brief History Of PAG Advisors)

The idea of an ethical and vibrant agency of financial planners with a strong culture and unique identity first sprouted in 2010, when five good friends sat around a table in a coffee shop to share their dreams and visions. A band of like-minded comrades birthed one common goal to work towards. “One dream, one decade”, they promised.

Starting out in a small nondescript office along Joo Chiat Road, this band of brothers stuck together through the trials and tribulations of establishing an agency. There were times when they were pressurised into different directions stemming from contrasting ideals, varying strategies and external factors. But ultimately, they held on course and stayed true. Eventually, when the agency was independent and able to stand on its own two feet, they shifted to a pharaonic office along Shenton Way in the middle of the Central Business District. It was a momentous occasion. PAG Advisors had arrived.

2018 was the turning point in PAG Advisors’ history, when all wheels were fully set in motion and everyone started the year with all guns blazing. Month on month, they fought tooth and nail, clawing every inch to keep pace with the creme de la crème of AXA Insurance. The blood, sweat and tears truly reached fruition, when Mr Kurt Ng was promoted to a Financial Services Director and PAG Advisors achieved the Top Rookie Organisation that year. It was a humbling moment filled with glorious pride to realise all the efforts over the past years had accumulated into the steps Mr Kurt Ng scaled as he walked up the stage to receive his award and give his speech.

One of the challenges constantly facing the agency through the years was to align all financial planners with the agency’s mission and vision. By the end of 2020, a new generation of leaders stepped up to stabilise and strengthen existing systems and culture in a bid to further inculcate that mission and vision to bring PAG Advisors into the next decade.

Today, with an agency strength of 20 brimming with positive synergy and motivation, helmed by a management team with a accolade of numerous industry awards leading by example, everyone is striving towards building a one-stop service agency to cater to our clients receiving a holistic financial services experience.

PAG Advisors would like to take this opportunity to thank all stakeholders, staff, families of financial planners and those who contributed towards this success.

The story continues…

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