What we do

Orchard Florist was founded about 20 years ago.The Company's aim is to provide customers a full range of flowers and gifts, packed with quality and convenience. At Orchard Florist, we understand that our gifts must be a worthy representation of our customers. We also understand that a gift should be a simple and pleasant experience because the act of gift giving is an expression of joy and support for your recipient. Whatever your gift needs are, Orchard Florist is here to give you the highest level of service, outstanding solutions, and impressive gifts.

Why we do

We serve our clients as our trusted ally, providing them with efficient and high quality gifting services in addition with the cost saving economics of an outside vendor. We provide a multitude of services and support tools making the act of sending the appropriate gift feel effortless. Our wide selection of the highest quality gifts and flowers can deliver your message with class and distinction.

How we do

Our outstanding gifts and gift baskets are hand designed and packed with care to be shipped directly from our warehouse to our recipient's door within days. We look forward to the opportunity to enhance our clients' reputation through what we do best - fulfilling their gifting needs.