What we do

Noah is Singapore's first digital health clinic for men. Our mission is to provide discreet, affordable and convenient treatment to men seeking treatment for highly sensitive conditions such as ED, PE and Hair Loss. We do this by providing everything from online medical evaluations to free, 4-hour medication delivery and doctor follow-ups in one seamless experience.

Why we do

Noah caters to men suffering from erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and hair loss. However, Noah is not just another healthcare provider. As part of our broader mission to destigmatise these conditions, we started Ordinary Folk by Noah. Through Ordinary Folk, we’ll be creating original content - written, spoken and visual. The first episode of our podcast went live recently and it’s available on 7 platforms including Spotify, Apple and Google Podcast. In each episode, we'll be covering unexplored topics from bedroom intimacy to sexual dysfunction with the help of a rotating list of guest stars, from health practitioners to porn stars. Check out our first episode: Bananas and the Sex Paradox on Spotify here: https://open.spotify.com/episode/7cc6aCfz7Pl8VVi4ct3WQj?si=blsW9xwyTd-3KBDsWtFfTw As we expand the team at Noah, we’re simultaneously thinking about how we can improve our services and offer more to our customers. We believe that the possibilities are endless, and are always looking for ways to innovate and exceed ourselves.

How we do

Noah is made up of a bunch of creatives, entrepreneurs and tech-driven individuals. We’re far from the straight-laced corporates that you might imagine pulling the strings behind healthcare companies. We represent a new breed of healthcare companies, at the forefront of revolutionising how people receive medical treatment. Noah was founded in the midst of COVID-19, and in the matter of months, we've grown to thousands of patients and hit airwaves all over Singapore. We see ourselves continuing to grow to all new heights, and therefore are looking for someone with the skills to help us meet the creative demands that come with it.