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Joy to the Team! A Canine Self Portrait

My name is Joy and I am part of the tribe at Headout, a great start-up here in Berlin!

Many of my friends have asked me what it is like to be an office dog. As I am a smart cookie, I decided to hijack one of my human’s computers and leave a note to the world of my daily life as the maybe not entirely official alpha dog of my people.

My mum Agata allows me to come and stay at the office every now and then, and it’s great. I am a French Bulldog, in every sense of the word, as Agata and I have just moved to Berlin from Paris. While we lived in France, I wasn’t allowed to come to the office, but now we’re glad to spend more time together, which makes both her and myself feel much calmer and happier.

For me, it doesn’t really matter where I am, as long as I get plenty of cuddles and treats. Agata and I go for a walk before work. We are based at a nice place called WeWork, where I meet lots of funny humans and even other dogs! In the kitchen, where I can smell lots of nice things from the fridge, I have met four or five pups already, and we’ve become good friends. We’re the gang.

I work at Headout, an awesome mobile platform that helps you book the best attractions and experiences with just a few paw touches. But let me tell you the real attraction is me.

I don’t know why everyone is constantly complaining about work - it seems pretty damn good to me! All I have to do is to sleep, look cute and wear the occasional minion costume, and everyone seems to be happy as can be. Man, am I doing a good job. There is even talk that I’ll get promoted to become Chief Canine Officer soon, that would be the most pawerful position in the company by far!

It seems to get much busier in the office since I have arrived as well. So many humans from other companies come and say hi to my team, but really, they want to pet me. That’s okay, as long as I see that everyone is happy around me! I am our networker number one, let me tell you.

I wish I could tell you some secrets about my team, but I am mostly asleep all day which makes me a terrible spy. I do know though that Agata keeps secret treats in her drawer. Please don’t tell anyone.

Are you wanting to welcome a real star to your team?

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