What we do

My Work provides an interactive hiring platform designed to fulfil jobs on demand. Free tomorrow from 6 to 9 and looking for something to do? Unable to find a worker for a Friday night shift? Set your preferences and let MyWork do the rest. Hosting instant job vacancies from a number of businesses across many sectors, MyWork provides the perfect platform for jobseekers and businesses to find the perfect fit for their needs.

Why we do

We believe everyone deserves to be in control of how and when they make or spend money. We want to give people a balance in their lives. At the same time, we also believe technology is disrupting the way businesses work, and no longer is there a need for 8 hour shifts. MyWork will match these needs, and provide an interactive, easy to use, convenient platform, where employees can not only find the jobs they want on the go, but be able to apply for it directly in real time. As for employers, MyWork is more than a job listing service, it is a platform for all your shift based sourcing needs.

How we do

At SIM-UOL's Student Perks Card
At Temasek Polytechnic
MyWork puts you in control by matching you with jobs that fit your preferences. Work where you want, when you want, and how you want – all for free. We help you to enjoy the flexibilty of working whenever you want. By indicating your availability, mywork will only show you jobs that fits your schedule. Never worry about having to sacrifice outings with friends, family time, or pursuing your other interests again.