What we do

From the discovery of Osman's passion for Pharmaceutical and Health, a company was born in 2005, Organic Health. It is with the team's dedication and strategic aim in helping people improve their lives through effective products and food science which has shown proven results in many customers' positive feedback. The shift to MyLustre in 2011 is to have a more refined brand direction, growth, and expansion both in its niche market and the mass. The growth and success in Singapore follow the expansion to Malaysia. Today, MyLustre builds its online presence with the initiation of mylustre.com which focuses on growing its e-commerce market. Even so, still strengthening in directly staying in touch with our valued customers.

Why we do

Our Mission We aim to practice fair & honest culture and to build a profitable business that will always improve our capability, skill & knowledge. Educate those who wants to learn and help those who needs help as well as to share what is valuable in life by bringing values, big or small, to all stakeholders, namely the customers, the staffs, the investors and owners.

How we do

#LIFEATMYLUSTRE centers around our culture. Our values connect and inspire us. Our behaviors build trusted relationships. And the experiences we deliver creates everlasting memories. We experiment, we learn, and we strive to do better every day. Whether we’re running campaigns or testing an idea, we have fun. Ultimately, we are united in our mission to strive for sucess and achieving our goals!