What we do

McCoy is the parent company for a group of businesses that specialize in three main areas namely; Supply Chain and Distribution, Technology, Digital Media and Blockchain, and Advisory & Consultancy. The company is headquartered in Singapore, with offices around Asia, and operates globally.

Why we do

Started as a component distributor in 2004, McCoy has evolved to become a leading player in supply chain management and components manufacturing and distributions. The company provides prominent brands in microchips and components around the world access to its distribution network, as well as supports emerging product owners in taking advantage of its supply chain capability. Moving into the digital age and with the emergent of blockchain, McCoy spearhead the expansion into digital media, digital asset technology, and ERP and CRM solutions. The company houses a team of specialists focusing on R&D and technology development that consistently work with McCoy’s partners in delivering top notch solutions. Leveraging on the company years of experience serving partners and resources around the world, and constantly delivering record-breaking results, McCoy’s Advisory & Consultancy division helps businesses to strategize their business roadmap, assist in product or service Go-to-Market and brand strategy, and provides consulting for digital business and transformation. McCoy provides capital market consulting in areas such as strategic investment, fund raising, merger and acquisition and business valuation. McCoy is actively scouting for entrepreneurs and start-ups where the company can play a strategic role in terms of funding or consulting. Today, McCoy partners numerous prominent brands in its Supply Chain and Distribution division, have a strong interest in its Technology, Digital Media and Blockchain business, and plays a strategic role in its Advisory & Consultancy arm.

How we do

Mission At McCoy, we help customers to maximize its value in extracting the most in the supply chain and expanding the least in the distribution network, creating new value by leveraging on technology, digital media and blockchain, and enhancing its value through advisory and consultancy. Vision To be a leading enterprise in helping customers to maximize stakeholders return in Suppy Chain and Distribution, Technology, Digital Media and Blockchain, and Advisory and Consultancy.