What we do

This section is for talking about the company in general, especially what services you provide. Maybank is the largest bank in Malaysia and we serve over 22 million customers. We were ranked as one of the world's strongest banks by Bloomberg Markets.

Why we do

We were crowned as the Grand Winner at the Asia Recruitment Awards 2015 by the Human Resources Magazine. Pn Nora Abd Manaf, our Group Chief Human Capital Officer, dedicated the win to all 47,000 Maybankers and to our customers and stakeholders worldwide.
On 8 May 2015, Group President and CEO of Maybank Datuk Farid visited Maybank Philippines, undergoing a series of engagement sessions with the Heads of Business Units from Global Banking, Global Markets, Retail Business and Community Distribution.
This section is for explaining the vision behind the company, why you provide services in the way you do. At Maybank we believe in banking that serves the community. From large investments in businesses, to local mobile banking, we are working to improve the lives of the people we serve.

How we do

This section is for talking about your work environment - how you work together as a team and what makes you great. The design outreach team is a creative division of Maybank dedicated to creating fresh and engaging new ways of reaching and connecting with Maybank's customers. Banking is serious, but there's a lot of joy that comes from it too, and that's what we want to share. We have an open office space that's great for collaboration and a team full of friendly people. Once a month we have 'go out and play' days where we take a trip to somewhere new together.