What we do

Makers Academy is Europe's leading coding bootcamp. We believe technical education is broken and we want to change that. We help complete beginners to learn the basics of software development and find their first job as junior programmers in world-class companies. Launched in February 2013, Makers Academy has graduated over 500 students who have gone on to join leading software companies including Pivotal Labs, 8th Light, Thoughtworks, Springer, Sky, the Department of Justice, New Bamboo, Deloitte Digital, Techstars, CompareTheMarket and many others. Our ambition is to help as many people as possible to start a new career in software development. Makers Academy is self-managed, so you’ll be expected to be your own manager, holding yourself accountable to the team. You’ll be trusted to set your own salary. You’ve got to be comfortable with radical transparency. If you’re fired up by these ideas, even better.

Why we do

We believe that learning to code consists of much more than just the materials we provide and the curriculum we have created. We currently use a mixture of workshops, exercises, projects, classroom break-out sessions and end-of-week challenges to help our students understand programming. The immersive environment, having expert coaches on hand all day and pairing with other students are all key to our educational process. Therefore, our mission is to teach as many people as possible to create amazing products using beautiful code. Since we started in early 2013, we’ve grown from two people to a team of twenty. We are not just colleagues: we’re a family. The Makers Academy team is a diverse bunch who work hard and play hard.

How we do

This is our manifesto for you - the ingredient list to our secret sauce if you will - and the key elements that makes Makers Academy the learning experience it is today. THE SIX PILLARS OF MAKERS ACADEMY =============================== We exists to help motivated beginners become awesome junior developers. 1. WE SEE CODING AS A CRAFT Hacking things together is easy, producing elegant, maintainable, robust software is hard. Our students see themselves as artisans, striving to write high quality software using the state of the art techniques. 2. WE LOVE PAIR PROGRAMMING Pair programming is a key part of Makers Academy experience. The code produced by a pair of developers is of a higher quality; we learn better if we pair on a problem. Our students learn to embrace pairing. 3. WE USE AGILE PRACTICES Our students experience working in agile teams throughout the course, learning to collaborate, deliver to tight deadlines, resolve conflicts, and efficiently communicate with each other. They recognise that these skills are as important as coding. 4. WE LEARN BY DOING Our students appreciate that listening to entertaining lectures is fun but they will only learn the hard way: by writing code themselves. They aim to spend almost all their time at Makers Academy building software, not listening to others telling them how to write code. 5. WE DRIVE OUR OWN LEARNING One of the main skills of a software developer is the ability to learn. At Makers Academy our students learn autonomously while being surrounded and supported, but not lectured to, by professional software developers. Makers Academy's reputation rests on how well our graduates can learn and progress independently. 6. WE LOOK AFTER OUR HEALTH Makers Academy is a bootcamp, so it will require all your emotional and physical reserves. Our students do not neglect their wellbeing because they know that sound mind, sound body and peak learning performance go together.