What we do

MAGES Institute of Excellence is a private education institution providing high quality tertiary level coaching in the rapidly developing Media, Animation and Gaming Industries. Keen expertise from lecturers who are industry professionals provides students the niche skill-sets required for success within the highly competitive creative technology industries.

Why we do

With the immense competition in media industries, we at MAGES recognise the importance of a strong portfolio in acting as a launchpad to a thriving career. The variety of programmes offered such as advanced diplomas, postgraduate diplomas, degree pathways and professional short courses has allowed us to build a global reputation. Programmes also include opportunities to participate in industry visits to corporations active in the media sector and chances to share and develop ideas with classmates. Additionally, our courses offer opportunities to participate in industry projects that can be included in the portfolio. We thus offer an interactive and involved approach to learning and skills development in animation, media and gaming.

How we do

With teaching staff consisting mainly of current industry professionals, MAGES offers students the opportunity to receive first-hand industry experience during the pursuit of their education. Our teaching staff is able to provide students with a curriculum emphasising the most relevant skills to develop competent professionals.