What we do

Sebastian Liew Centre (SLC) is the first Western herbal medicine clinic in Singapore (est.2004) founded by award-winning medical herbalist Sebastian Liew. SLC mainly supports clients who are suffering from chronic health conditions through complementary medicine - Phytotherapy (Western herbal medicine). We conduct face-face consultation (by appointment only). SLC also teach and guide our clients towards healthy aging and preventive natural medicine. We also founded a pharmaceutical-grade health supplement brand Leaf to Life; products sold in Singapore and regionally via our website e-commerce,

Why we do

Our vision is to empower people with chronic health conditions to work with us to self-heal naturally and to promote optimal wellness through phytotherapy (Western herbal medicine). Our motto is - Heal thyself, Heal others. We believe each human being has the innate ability to self-heal and live a vibrant life in body, mind, and soul. This potential can be achieved through natural means, particularly the application of medicinal plants. We believe in the unity of the inner eco-system and the outer (the natural environment). Thus, nature and medicinal plants are created to support the well-being of the human being and, in turn, the human being cares for the environment. We believe the true purpose of our life is to be a channel of healing and love. Thus, we provide training to take care of themselves, their families and educate others in holistic herbal medicine.

How we do

CARE We care and genuinely empathize with our customers' needs and health concerns. We offer solutions, motivated with a healing intention, and respond with excellent service and enthusiasm. COMPETENCE We seek continuous education and improvement in knowledge and skills. We then support, empower, and guide our customers in their health journeys. CONSCIOUS Being conscious of our communities' needs made us support the initiatives to help the needy and projects that promote the rational and safe use of herbs. CULTIVATION We should cultivate a healthy holistic lifestyle as a way of life, both individually and collectively. This holistic lifestyle is the cornerstone for our happiness, a happy working environment, and a joyful disposition to serve others.