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8 questions to Vincent de Saint Exupery, Founder of LCCS

Can you give a brief introduction about your company?

LCCS is the first cloud-based and Low-Cost Corporate Services provider in HK offering company formation and company management cloud-based solutions. It is a mix of DIY with professional backup and expertise. It addresses startups and entrepreneurs who may lake of financial capacities and rather compensate limited resources by doing part of the job by themselves.

Using an internet platform, we separate what can be done by anyone from what requires expertise. Then the cost of non-added value services such as collecting and gathering the necessary information is not supported by our customers.

What is your dream and vision for LCCS?

The dream is to provide the most user-friendly and most cost effective global tool to entrepreneurs and startups, becoming HK number 1 corporate services provider as volumes will also impact our capacity to maintain low prices without deteriorated the quality of the service ever, and to develop new features for our customers.

We expect LCCS to be able to accompany its customers in more and more fields including IP issues, visa applications, employment contracts, etc. Last but not least, obviously, once we will feel ready, we will expend to other jurisdictions starting with similar legal environment such as Singapore of course.

What keeps your team going? What do they value the most?

Our own team definitely values the fact that it is not isolated. We have people around that can help but also can share lunch with. But of course, the main source of energy for our team is each new customer joining the growing community of LCCS happy users! So far, feedbacks are always positives and it makes the team feel rewarded for all it is done to convince potential users to become our customers not only arguing but also providing the best service we can.

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About the Founder - Vincent de Saint-Exupéry

Well, I define myself as an artisan entrepreneur. I come from a family of winemakers and farmers, and I believe I inherited the sense of pragmatism and realism that comes with such vocations.

In 2007, I set up my first consulting firm, based on my experience and skills, guiding European companies willing to expand business in Asia. At the same time, I also wanted to do different things in the field of new technologies. I had a taste for innovation and risks! So, a few years later, in 2010, I developed and launched a SaaS for corporate service providers in Hong Kong with the financial help of a business angel.

In 2015, after raising funds for the second time, I was asked by my investors to reinvent myself. I decided to launch my own end-user platform fully connected to my SaaS. This was the launch of what is today iNCUBEE|LCCS, the first fully online corporate services provider in Hong Kong, which has continued to grow since then, despite circumstances!

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