What we do

Founded in 2015, ImpacTech is a Startups’ Accelerator Program, that empowers impact driven startups. We provide bespoke programs for corporates, mentorship and tailored activities related to tech innovations. ImpacTech operates in Singapore (HQ), Thailand and Japan.

Why we do

We believe that today, using technology which is accessible to almost everyone, individuals can really create meaningful startups with impact that can affect positively our society and economy and solve big problems.

How we do

ImpacTech’s corporate accelerator brings the corporates together with world class disruptive startups and entrepreneurs who are building innovative, market changing technologies and products. Corporates who work with ImpacTech, work with the next generation of startups, that are sourced through ImpacTech’s unique scouting and screening model. ImpacTech’s corporate accelerator programs harness the resources, data and access to the corporates and their employees, with the ability of startups to pivot, innovate and drive commercial outcomes, at pace and scale.