What we do

Imagine Conference is an annual event brought to you by the Adam Smith Center in Singapore. We are an independent organisation dedicated to promoting humanities education in the tradition of Adam Smith. Featuring both local and global thought leaders, our yearly conference explores the big ideas that will shape our future.

Why we do

In our inaugural conference this year, we are exploring the theme of “Future of Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Progress”. We will explore the way entrepreneurs matter in society, how they innovate to solve global problems, and more importantly, how societies can create a supportive environment for such entrepreneurs to flourish.

How we do

Our speakers will investigate this through 5 different themes, ranging from the “Future of Work”, to the “Future of Finance”, and the “Future of the Developing World”. This is not just another business networking event, but one focused on the big ideas! Join us for a robust discussion over issues such as ethics of organ trading, the impact of automation on work, the disruption posed by Blockchain technology & even how to combat poverty in developing countries. You will get the chance to network and learn from academics, local entrepreneurs and business professionals from all around the world.