What we do

We are a Malaysia company, bringing in the traditional Chinese culture delights Soya & Yoo Tiao. Yoo Tiao, also known as Chinese doughnuts have long been part of daily life in China. Soy Milk and Yoo Tiao is one of the most popular Chinese breakfast and snacks around Asia.

Why we do

Our goal is to provide Soya, Yoo Tiao and many more to our customers in a clean and comfortable environment. We also pride ourselves in the following: 1. High Quality Ingredients 2. 100% New Palm Oil 3. Frequent Change of Oil 4. Non-Genetically Modified 5. Freshly Made At Stores 6. Our Soya Beans - We boil our soya beans longer than normal for a creamier taste.

How we do

We make sure that all products which our customers consume will be made by hand, made with love.