Two ways of changing by Makoto Ikemoto

Authored by Makoto Ikemoto

Hello. I’m Makoto Ikemoto. Please call me Mac.

Today I would like to write what I thought from an article I read the other day.

That article was written by Mr. Tatsuo Tsutsumi. He mentioned what was necessary to live a life without regret, which is to prepare to live one’s life. To prepare to live one’s life is to believe in one’s intuition and to live positively without fear against challenge.

I will be 40 years old this year. I am the same age as Mr. Tsutsumi. I believe I should do what I want to do in my life. Because giving up will lead to dissatisfactions. I think the most important thing is to be satisfied in mind. If my mind is satisfied, I believe that my life will be rich.

Growth will enrich one’s mind. Growth confers confidence. People with confidence have a positive impact on surrounding people. Thus, they gain more confidence, leading to growth and challenges. I think challenge and change are necessary for growth. We have to live positively without fear to challenge. Challenging confronts changes.

There are two ways of changing. One is external factors. The other is internal factors. This is the lesson I gained from my personal experience.

I have changed my jobs many times during my career. IT sales, recruiting agent, etc. A lot of experience has made me grow up. But my heart was not satisfied. Because I was passive. Maybe, I didn’t have the will to choose myself. I didn’t prepare enough to live my life.

I believe that changing and growing can be done by changing the surrounding environment. However, this is an external factor. I want to have the will to choose myself. I want to live positively without fear of challenge. This is internal factors. An internal factor has a will within itself.

I want to challenge something new with confidence and, have a positive impact on surrounding people.

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