What we do

From its founding in 1974, Heilind has grown to become the industry's pre-eminent interconnect distributor, with the largest inventory of connector products in North America. Heilind has more than 40 locations in the United States, China, Brazil, Canada, Mexico and Singapore. This service network includes six distribution centers positioning Heilind's inventory within one shipping day of 90% of its customers. Heilind also maintains two fully equipped value-added centers in Hudson, New Hampshire and Hong Kong offering a complete menu of part assembly, part modification and part packaging services.

Why we do

The company was built on the ideals of deep inventory, flexible policies, responsive systems, knowledgeable technical support and unsurpassed customer service and today supports original equipment and contract manufacturers in all market segments of the electronics industry. Heilind Asia Pacific is franchised for major product lines for the interconnect and electromagnetically market. We have stock in Hong Kong warehouse, and warehouses across North America. Heilind Asia Pacific offers a wide variety of services and programs to help streamline your purchasing and supply chain functions. We can custom-tailor a solution for you or combine several services to fit your unique needs, saving you time, effort and expense and freeing you to spend more time on tactical rather than day-to-day issues. All of our programs are designed with JIT delivery in mind. Heilind has inventory in depth and breadth to support your needs locally.

How we do

Our goal is to deliver the highest quality in all our processes. This attitude ensures all our employees are involved in a continuous improvement process. If you thrive on change, growth and opportunity, and wish to move beyond your potential and reward, Heilind Asia is the place for you to create and forge your own path. We treasure the energetic professional who have the knowledge, enthusiasm and drive to succeed and the ability to take on a challenge and reap the rewards. Careers at Heilind offer you the fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment where everyone has the chance to perform, create innovation, and make a difference.