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What are you chasing for in life?

Achieving success — it’s the goal of all goals, yes? It’s the thing we all chase, strive for, and build our day-to-day around.

If success is the thing we’re all endlessly chasing, why don’t we feel fulfilled once we achieve it?

Coaches like me will say it’s because success is usually sought after in a very short-sighted way: Chase this thing, than that next thing. It’s rarely pursued tied to a larger sense of life purpose and meaningful contribution. Instead, we measure success by external markers: my boss said I’m successful, that review said I’m successful, that media coverage said I’m successful.

But what matters is: Do YOU think you’re successful? Does the work you do serve the overall picture you have for your life? If not, no matter how many accolades you rack up, your accomplishments will still feel empty.

You know purpose matters. You know your work should “start with why.” But you still don’t prioritize infusing a sense of real purpose into your day to day work, or your day to day life.

It’s easier to just keep working endless hours. It’s easier to just carry on the same old way. After all, life’s good enough, right? You’re happy enough.

Well, I’m here to tell you … great leaders don’t burn themselves out or numb themselves out. And, the difference between great leaders and ‘good enough’ executives is the way they define ‘success’… and how they go about pursuing it.

When great leaders hit their success benchmarks, those achievements and those accomplishments actually feel good.

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