Confessions Of A Modern Matchmaker: I Get Paid To Be Kaypoh

The topic of dating has come a long way since the generations before ours. In this age, there’s nothing taboo about meeting someone online or finding your match through a dating agency. Quite frankly, it’s becoming a social norm.

When I was told I’d be meeting with cupids, I imagined the mythical figure we always associate with Valentine’s Day—a winged, often naked baby, armed with a bow and heart-tipped arrow. I didn’t know what to expect on my journey up to Paktor’s headquarters, but one thing’s for sure: This is where the magic happens.

Paktor is a homegrown dating app that has quickly grown to become one of Asia’s biggest, with a massive user base of millions of singles. GaiGai (Cantonese for ‘going out’) is their offline matchmaking arm that helps singles who are looking for something more than a swiping.

I was introduced to one of Wantedly’s O.G. users, Wei Wei, who successfully found her role at GaiGai as a Relationship Manager (RM) back when Wantedly freshly arrived in Singapore.


“I’m very kaypoh,” Wei Wei admitted with a giggle. “I get really excited when I hear about the process of two people getting together and thought it would be even better if I can be a part of making it happen.”

Needless to say, Wei Wei couldn’t contain her excitement when she stumbled upon the RM opening at GaiGai. “I said, ‘oh my god, I get paid to be kaypoh!’ So I applied, and this October will mark my two years here,” she added.

If this isn’t the Singaporean Dream, I don’t know what is!

Helping others find The One is definitely not as random or easy as shooting arrows from the sky. There are a variety of factors that come into play when matchmaking; beginning with GaiGai RMs meeting and profiling clients (referred to as ‘members’) in one of their many cosy meeting rooms, to finding out about their personal preferences and what they look for in a partner. Then, RMs work with the matchmaking team to scour through their database to come up with the best suitable match before setting up dates.

Sounds easy? Think again! Each RM gets to decide their own style of profiling. For Wei Wei, tapping on her expertise in the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personalities helps her connect with clients better and understand their needs more accurately. With keen observation and a deep understanding of individual psychographics, she is able to look past what clients portray and help them reveal their true self.

“Different clients require different profiling methods; some prefer a professional, data-driven approach while others are more open to explore possibilities. We have to connect with members on different levels, which could be challenging,” Wei Wei added.


When asked about what keeps her going at work, Wei Wei didn’t need a moment to think. “The culture at GaiGai and knowing that I had a big part to play in contributing to someone else’s happiness is what keeps me motivated.”

“We’re a young and vibrant team that’s fiercely supportive of one another. Matchmaking is an intricate task that requires us to put our heads together to find the best match for our clients. Having this kind of teamwork makes time pass by very quickly and it doesn’t feel like I’m working,” she beamed.

These sentiments were echoed by Kaile, a fellow RM at GaiGai whose love story with the dating industry began four years ago.

“We are very much like family here, even from different departments. When someone’s in need, our colleagues will always volunteer readily. Our bosses are also very open to listen to our feedback and challenges. For myself, it’s very important that I have bosses who are willing to hear what I have to say; I feel valued and I think anyone would want to feel valued by their company,” Kaile elaborated.


Vipin, Paktor’s Product Manager, also chimed in with heartfelt words. His tendency to play Cupid within his circle of friends and a fascination to figure out what makes two people fall for each other brought him to Singapore four years ago to join Paktor as a Data Scientist.

“Helping millions of people find love is something that excites me. Paktor’s data-driven culture also allows me to see the impact of my work very quickly, because of our typically short turnaround time and flat hierarchy,” shared Vipin.

“Everyone here – even the CEO and CMO – believes that decisions should be derived from data, and that’s the best thing that could happen to any Data Scientist. Whenever I come to work, I look forward to the opportunity to create impact by improving our product and processes at Paktor.”

Paktor isn’t trying to do the impossible; everyone knows that love can’t be quantified or formulated. They’re using data and technology to increase the probability of finding a suitable match, by introducing new people and creating meaningful connections for their users.


If in any bizzare case you’re wondering, I didn’t find any naked, flying babies shooting down arrows from Paktor and GaiGai’s top-level office. Just passionate Millennials who are in love with love 💕

To join the Paktor and GaiGai team, you need to have the right mindset and the desire to make a real impact in someone’s life. If you have the passion to bring people together, they want YOU to join their team. Think you’re a perfect match? 😍 Make a date with them today by clicking on “Want to Visit” for the roles below:

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