What we do

Finaqe Group is a leading credit advisory firm dedicated to helping businesses grow strategically through a comprehensive suite of financing solutions. Finaqe helps businesses of all sizes navigate the complex financial market, with our deep understanding and knowledge of the varying financial needs companies face at different growth phases– guiding companies across diverse industries to effectively utilize financing for business growth and bridge them with suitable financing solutions. Finaqe performs risk assessments, determines financing needs, and simplifies the financing process. The company assists firms with access to banking and private credit through a large network of over 200 international and local financial solutions providers including banks, financial institutions, credit funds and alternative lenders. Finaqe has worked with numerous companies from diverse industries and has facilitated more than SGD200 million of financing exceeding 500 transactions.

Why we do

We aspire to bridge the funding gap between companies and capital, to create more jobs and grow more companies.

How we do

People first is not lip service, we are a working team with super sized goals.