What we do

Boutique Homes Operator. Your very own furnished studio rental in a boutique shophouse within the trendiest neighbourhoods. We know looking for a new rental apartment can be stressful for you, with dull, cookie-cutter condo apartments for rent and a whole lot of hassle. Figment offers you a thoughtful take on boutique living in Singapore. Inspired by local art, design, and architecture, we handpick residential shophouses in vibrant neighbourhoods and offer wonderfully furnished studios for your fuss-free rental.

Why we do

From The Founder: My desire to start Figment really grew as a response to this environment. In a country where space is at a premium, we strive to use our handpicked spaces as platforms for Singapore’s design, arts and crafts. And for us, these same spaces can be the very place we call home. We want to reimagine home with art and design as a way of life, something we experience every day that reflects our personalities. At Figment, we’re definitely house-proud and we want to share the best of Singapore with the world. We only select spaces that speak to us and we want to do up our houses as boutique homes, designed with like-minded partners who share our vision, and of course, with you, our members, in mind. By curating exquisite shophouses in vibrant neighbourhoods, we plug you in to actual residential enclaves. We were never looking to add another swanky new building to our skyline, and neither are we trying to maximize profits by packing a hundred and fifty strangers into a building. We want to reimagine home with art and design. We think the time is right for this, and we hope you’ll join us.

How we do

Figment strives to sustain and co-create the Singaporean identity through partnerships with local artists, designers and craftspeople. We honour our local context through researching the shophouse, street and the neighbourhood, sustainably developing our built heritage through adaptive reuse. We are shophouse-proud, and this is who we are. Fang Low CEO of Figment