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What we do

Far East Organization We at Far East Organization, together with our Hong Kong-based sister company Sino Group, are one of Asia’s largest real estate groups, with operations in Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong and China. We operate as a Christian enterprise that seeks to be a community of love and a workplace of grace doing business guided by the eternal truths of Jesus Christ. Since our establishment in 1960, we have been contributing to the transformation of Singapore's urban landscape with over 780 developments. and earned a growing reputation for introducing innovative concepts and helping to shape how communities live, work and play. We are a one-stop property emporium offering a comprehensive range of real estate products for sale as well as for lease, from expatriate housing to hotels and serviced residences to retail, office, self-storage, healthcare and industrial space. Our organisation also includes three listed entities: Far East Orchard Limited, Far East Hospitality Trust and Yeo Hiap Seng Limited.

Why we do

Our vision is to Inspire Better Lives Far East Organization is a Christian enterprise. We seek to be a community of love and a workplace of grace that welcomes Christians and non-Christians alike to work joyfully together. As we join hands to build a garden of enterprise that endures (to honour the vision of our late founder, Mr Ng Teng Fong), we want to do good business and to do good in business. As a Christian enterprise, we embrace the eternal truths of God’s Word. We apply these truths to our business as these are words of life and business is, after all, a part of life itself. Thus, we operate our business on the solid foundation of our values and our rock who is Jesus Christ. Our core values are Business with Grace, Unity, Integrity, Love, Diligence and we practise these values alongside the teachings of Jesus. Our Christian identity is integral to the brand of Far East Organization.

How we do

We are guided by our core values, BUILD, which stands for: 1. Business with Grace Business with Grace is about according dignity and respect to everyone. It is also about valuing relationships and the needs of others. With Grace, we are able to achieve win-win outcomes so that we do Good Business and do Good in Business. 2. Unity We are united in our mission to build an enduring enterprise by working together as a community, turning our diversity into strength. 3. Integrity Having Integrity means being honest in our dealings with everyone in the marketplace. More importantly, having Integrity requires every individual to live an authentic life, free of personal inconsistencies and contradictions. 4. Love Love is characterised by us showing genuine care towards others. When we have Love, we will show selflessness and put their well-being before our own. Having Love also means that we demonstrate loyalty and commitment in our relationships. This commitment is made real whenever we exercise our choices and follow up with our actions. 5. Diligence Diligence is a value that is necessary for our other core values to truly flourish. Diligent individuals do not need to ‘shout’ about themselves but strive for excellence in everything they do with quiet confidence. When Diligence is present over the long run, it creates an unmistakable impact that all can recognise.

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