What we do

Ezy Pzy Academy was established in April 2016 and is the brainchild of a husband-wife partnership: Yus, a serial entrepreneur and Arina, a passionate educator. Arina absolutely adores kids and has a huge obsession with the English Language, and all kinds of books. An incurable bookworm as a kid, she wanted her children to experience that same magic that she did whenever she picked up a book and started reading. Books and stories exposed her to worlds beyond her imagination and allowed her to be anyone she wanted to be! In her quest for a good Phonics programme for her then 2.5-years old son, she was not bowled over by the lack of structured early literacy classes for this age group. She also found it difficult to buy the idea that a strong and structured curriculum meant that fun within the classroom had to be compromised to a certain extent. With a clear vision about what she wanted children to experience in class, she started writing and developing her very own Early Reading Programme. Yus, fondly referred to as ‘Uncle Yus’ by students, first dipped his toes into the business scene when he was in his early 20’s – from dabbling in medical supplies, to trading, to running a few F&B establishments, to conducting coaching classes. A huge believer in chasing dreams, he played a vital role in helping Arina turn her dream into reality.

Why we do

We believe that language competency and early literacy acquisition are the cornerstones of future success in life. At Ezy Pzy Academy, we aim to provide a solid platform for every child to achieve reading proficiency through a carefully crafted, comprehensive and structured curriculum, whilst ensuring that learning is always, always kept fun and interactive.

How we do

Established In 2016, Learning The Fun Way Has Always Been Our Goal Here At Ezy Pzy Academy. We Want To Continue To Bring Joy To Our Little Readers And Mould Them Into Men And Women Of Character, For Years To Come.