What we do

Founded in 1997, we help architects and interior designers create spaces that not only look good but also feel good. Our acoustics, lighting, and air conditioning solutions enhance the comfort of users so they can experience the space as it was intended. During our 20 year history we have dedicated our efforts to introduce aesthetic and functional products with appropriate acoustic, environment, fire and health test certifications. We believe that excellent visual appearance is more justified when backed up by various technical necessities.

Why we do

Too often, spaces are designed with just aesthetics in mind (to make it 'instagrammable') instead of how a space makes a person feel. This is why we have restaurants that LOOK great in photos but are so noisy you can barely hear your friends talk, or are so cold because the aircon is directly blowing in your face. Our purpose is to provide solutions to architects and interior designers to create spaces that enhance user comfort and provide a great experience.

How we do

Our vision is to cater Asia with state of the art, sustainable and highly innovative high end products and services. This requires cooperation with some of the World’s best and leading manufacturers in their respective fields. We are therefore very proud to represent them and bring their expertise and services to you. Our services do not stop at the product, our role encompasses comprehensive expertise in acoustic and engineering support including design support, sourcing and installation. All our offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Taipei, Singapore and Macau, have executed respective projects in Brunei, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Macau, P.R. China, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and Vietnam. We collaborate with leading suppliers from around the world to achieve our goal. Our solutions include Barrisol light ceilings, recycled polyester and fabric panels, acoustic plaster, micro-perforated timber panels and more.