This is Part 2 of a seven part series.

Having the right education and information is key in adapting to the ‘new normal’. The AF4C Employment Reimagined event, organised by ELPIS@Hideout, aims to provide real time connection and education for all attendees and jobseekers, to lead them onto new paths and viable options.

With special guests and industry professionals, the event brought together the entire employment ecosystem so in case you miss it, catch up on the highlights below to discover how you can emerge stronger in your job search journey!

In Part 2, we find out how we can attract the younger generation to step up and join the trendy ranks of young hawkers.

New Generation Singapore Hawker: Coffee Break

Faye Sai, a young, enterprising owner of Coffee Break, shares how she grew her father's Kopi stall from one to multiple stalls, and at the same time inspiring young individuals to join her in the rank, keeping Singapore hawker culture alive.

Young Generation Singapore Hawker: Seafood Pirates

Darren Teo, young enterprising owner of Seafood Pirates, shares why he gave up his cushy aircon room job as a designer, took the plunge to be a hawkerpreneur and never look back again.

Young Generation Singapore Hawker: Beng Who Cooks

Jason Chua, young enterprising owner of Beng Who Cooks, shares how he advanced from a hawker stall to a restaurant owner.

Young Generation Singapore Hawker: Ashes Burnnit

Lee Syafiq Muhd Ridzuan, young enterprising owner of Ashes Burnnit, shares how he grew his stall from one to multiple stalls, into a multi-million food business.

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