What we do

We are the go-to industry professionals in manufacturing high-quality earphone cables that give you an audio experience like no other. Continuously driven by the search for perfect sound quality for purposes that go from music appreciation to sound engineering, our earphone cables undergo an intensive Research & Development process that uses our expertise and knowledge in different materials and the sound quality they produce. Each cable undergoes precise fine-tuning and testing to please your ears with the ultimate Effect Audio Experience, bringing you on a superior auditory journey that you have been searching for all this while.

Why we do

We are more than just a business. Effect Audio is not just a platform to upgrade your cables. It is about building a community of audiophiles, hobbyists and people who appreciate good sound. Our showroom is not a storefront; it is a place where you can kick your feet up and indulge in light-hearted chit-chat with people who share a common interest. We welcome you to settle in with us at our lounge area, designed for you to escape the daily grind and socialize with our community.

How we do

We are fully committed to fulfilling special requests that you may have with our Bespoke service. With face-to-face consultation upon appointment, we can ascertain the sound quality you appreciate the most and tailor an upgrade cable solution for you.