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How hard it is to find inspiring talks of women! (Link of 3 really good speeches enclosed)

The topic of my second article for LinkedIn came up because I was searching inspiring talks by women. I planned a lunch session where I wanted to show an inspiring speech to our women (and men were also invited 😉 ) and struggled a bit because it was very hard to find something.

Of course, you’ll find speeches from women written down, all given during the last 100 years or even before. That was very impressive, and I could see how thankful we can be that so many things had changed already, only because of these powerful and strong women! Unfortunately, we’re also still struggling with topics, who look like they can’t be solved of the society or the people (mostly white men) who think they run the world.

So, I asked the women in our office to come up with suggestions on their side, because I thought maybe I don’t search the right way. But it turned out it wasn’t only me who struggled with the search. It was easy to find short speeches, given at golden globes during the last years by actresses or other stars that used the cameras perfectly in this moment to send their strong words around the world.

Especially in this time where you can speak out loud and the women fortunately do so, I was really surprised not to find a big amount of material. After searching and recall what powerful women I had in mind, I found wonderful speeches of Oprah about #metoo and Michele Obama speaking about the importance of education for girls worldwide. It was still not the thing I was looking for but luckily my colleague Biliana was diving deeper and thought of speeches she heard of and found the 3 speeches I want to share with you.

We decided to show one speech during our lunch session today, to empower all the women in our company and show the men why a smaller percentage of women than men reach the top of their professions. With this amazing speech and 3 powerful pieces of advice to women aiming for the C-suite from Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook:

We had a blast during our women empowering lunch, so we’ll organize this format soon again and because of all the hard research we’re also having already two inspiring speeches that might be interesting for your as well.

The experience Paula Stone Williams made living as a man and a woman:

Female career advancement summed up in one usable diagram by Janice Fraser:

At DKB Code Factory we don't only want to speak during lunch times about inspiring talks. Starting of the 07th of March I planned already a quarterly get together of all the women in our office, to give all of us a save space to speak, share and empower each other. I'm sure there will be coming up many more ideas within this format and I'm looking forward to realize them with the amazing women around me.

Many thanks to Biliana, who put that much effort into finding the best speeches to empower all of us and proofreading my article!

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