What we do

Computhink is a Programming School for Kids We provide beginner to advanced regular weekly coding classes for kids. With over 100+ lessons covering the ages of 6 to 16, we are committed to helping your child navigate their digital future and being future-ready with the appropriate programming and technological skills. Our Coding Classes are now available online as well! Join us on our proprietary Student Web platform for learning coding.

Why we do

Computhink is a programming school for kids and we believe that the ability to understand and write computer programs is an essential skill in an increasingly connected and digital world. We set out asking these questions: 1) How can we make computer programming relevant to young children? 2) What can we do to help them learn the skills necessary to navigate their future world? 3) How can we help Singapore to create the Mark Zuckerbergs or Elon Musks of the future? We believe anyone can program, and we aim to make it so.

How we do

Our Mission is to make Computational Thinking and Computer Programming Fun, Relevant, Accessible and part of Universal Education for students of all ages.