What we do

Dr Tay is a former Consultant Pain Specialist and Anaesthetist at Singapore Pain Care Center. He is also a Visiting Consultant at Singapore General Hospital, Pain Management Centre and the Department of Anaesthesiology. He graduated with MBBS from the National University of Singapore and went on to obtain his Masters of Medicine (Anaesthesiology). After completing his anaesthesia training and obtaining Specialist Board Accreditation in Singapore, he underwent further training to sub-specialize in pain management. He completed his clinical fellowship at St Joseph Hospital in London, Ontario, Canada, where he underwent training on interventional pain procedures and pain management for various pain conditions such as neck/back pain, headache, abdominal pelvic pain, fibromyalgia and cancer pain.

Why we do

Dr Tay has a special interest and is skilled in performing ultrasound-guided chronic pain interventions.

How we do

The use of ultrasound is becoming more popular not just for diagnostic imaging; the application of ultrasound in regional anaesthesia and pain medicine is a rapidly growing modality to enhance the management of acute and chronic pain. Ultrasound imaging, uses high frequency sound waves to provide direct visualization of various soft tissues of the body such as nerves, tendons and muscle. It also enables real-time needle advancement by the pain physician to the target area and hence the precise location of the medication injected is assured, improving patient care.Besides accuracy, the use of ultrasound to guide injection/treatment has being shown to reduce the number of attempts, procedure time and procedure-related complications due to anatomical variation.