Gone are the days of having to choose between budget-friendly but ill-fitting off-the-rack garments and time-consuming tailor-made options.

Breathing new life into one of the most longstanding art forms, Closeknip is on a mission to offer busy working professionals quality ‘made-to-order’ menswear at accessible prices. Founded by Leslie Chia (of bespoke label PIMABS) and a team of veterans with decades of experience in men’s tailoring, fashion design and styling, Closeknip offers an innovative approach to made-to-order menswear and wardrobe construction.

What sets Closeknip apart is their proprietary Fitting System, aimed at reducing fitting and production time, apart from cutting down on material wastage. Sustainability is at the forefront of what Closeknip does. From sourcing for eco-friendly fabrics and packaging, customer education to engaging with recycling partners, what drives the team is its steadfast ethos in supporting a sustainable and ethical culture. After all, the whole idea behind custom-made clothes is the idea of investing in a quality wardrobe that lasts, a deviation from the ‘buy-and-throw-away’ mindsets that fast fashion has dangerously cultivated. Closeknip elevates everyday menswear basics to form the foundation for a stylish, functional and sustainable wardrobe.


Closeknip is a playful stitch of two words, ‘close-knit’ and ‘nip’, both synonymous with fabrics and tailoring, as well as summarises their tight-knit culture. They are The Wardrobe People, with equal emphasis on ‘wardrobe’ as well as ‘people’.

As a boutique outfit with a small team, the working environment is intimate with a non-hierarchical structure. From their location, in a quaint industrial district, to their set-up, a SOHO-like space, working at or visiting Closeknip is akin to stepping foot inside a friend’s home where feelings of familiarity, comfort and warmth are conjured up.

Taking notes from its relaxed setting, Closeknip adopts a casual yet dynamic work culture, where every day brings something different; they might even get you to be their model (perks of working at a men’s clothier)!

Attention to detail and delivering exceptional service is vital. Every member possesses a diligent work ethic and is committed to delighting clients with great product, service and follow-up, so that they too become part of the community.


With younger talents taking to the world of tailoring, Closeknip is looking for a new addition to their team — someone who can charm clients with a good sense of style and even better customer service.

“Candidates need not be trained in fashion but should have a keenness to learn and an intuitive appreciation of menswear, including having a good sense of colour and aesthetics to begin with. An innate passion for fashion and styling is a plus to gain quick mastery of the trade, from taking measurements to understanding body fit and more.” Darren Teo, Closeknip

Closeknip is looking for an individual who can advocate for the brand and provide good service online and offline while promoting their ideology. However, given the nature of the business and how dynamic they are, things move quickly. As such, flexibility and adaptability are desired traits if you are looking to be part of the team.

While the job scope is not set in stone, candidates can look forward to a very hands-on learning journey. Candidates should be comfortable with ambiguity, be able to problem-solve on the go as well as step up to take charge when needed. Therefore, excellent interpersonal skills are necessary, along with an ability to think on their feet.

Sounds like a good fit? Closeknip is looking for an Assistant Style Consultant. Here’s what it takes to be part of the team taking custom menswear to the next level:

The Assistant Style Consultant will start with a direct apprenticeship under co-founder Leslie Chia to learn the ropes and eventually work independently to execute clothing orders from start to finish. They will be tasked to consult with clients regarding their wardrobe and styling needs as well as recommend suitable products along with selection of details, like fabric and colour options. They will have to take ownership of the whole production process, which includes communicating with potential leads and current clients, scheduling appointments, taking body measurements and doing fittings using their proprietary Fitting System, showcasing their product offerings, crafting the clothing orders, as well as following up with the production team and updating clients on the progress of their orders. In due course, they should be able to run the show on their own as Closeknip looks to expand and franchise.


As for Closeknip’s vision for the future of custom menswear? Franchising their Fitting System locally and overseas.

Reenvisioning the classic through a modern lens, Closeknip hopes to inspire a new generation’s passion for tailoring with meticulous craftsmanship, exceptional fit and unrivalled comfort at the heart of their processes.

The joy of custom menswear is in the pursuit of the ideal, with tweaks, experiments and refinements along the way. Closeknip believes that the passion is rewarding in itself, as there is nothing quite as satisfying as seeing a client don an expertly finished suit that has been crafted just for them.

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