What we do

BR Metals is one of the industry-leading specialist in the recycling of Platinum Group Metals (PGM) and one of Asia’s largest processors of end-of-life catalytic converters, an emission-control device found in both gasoline and diesel vehicles. Founded in 2009 to provide a sustainable and efficient alternative to deep-earth mining, the company now recovers 80,000 troy ounces of PGM annually from spent materials like catalytic converters, diesel particulate filters (DPF), spark plugs, oxygen sensors, industrial catalysts and automotive electronic control units and returns it to the circular economy. With presence in several Asian countries, BR Metals returns in excess of 5 tons of precious metals each year.

Why we do

Creating Value That Lasts Through Our Scrap Catalytic Converter Recycling Process. At BR Metals, we go the extra mile to provide everything customers expect when working with a reliable recycling partner, including total transparency, professionalism and profitability right from the start. We believe in building long-term, genuine relationships with our customers, and our customers’ success is our success. We are an environmentally responsible organisation that is committed to the utmost in integrity, attention to detail and meeting the growth needs of our customers.

How we do

Our commitment to sustainability is only matched by our dedication to maximize returns for our customers in an increasingly volatile industry where even the smallest increase in the percentage of PGM recovered can make a big difference in their profit margins. Hence, we continuously invest in state-of-the-art technology and in improving our sampling system to ensure precious metals are extracted with greater efficiency, higher recovery rates and faster turnaround. Since the type and quality of sampled materials differ for every consignment, we will always select the most suitable refinery that provides the best recycling rates and financial outcome.