What we do

A-Team Property is a team of real estate professionals who engages in creative and unique ways to market properties in Singapore. We create video home tours to showcase the potential for each and every property. We are passionate, we love real estate and most importantly, we love people. We aim to unlock the fullest potential of every property to gain the maximum value. A-Team Property is founded by Andrew Ho, who is probably one of the most established real estate professional in the property scene. Stepping into this trade since the age of 22, he has always believed in putting his customers’ interest first over his revenue. Behind every property is a family, that is spending most of their hard earned money on a property, which is probably going to be one of the biggest ticket item in their lives. When a customer requires the assistance of a real estate professional, TRUST is usually the concern that any client will have. Andrew does not take it for granted. He ensures that he meticulously handles clients’ properties with care, and provides sound and professional advice to all his customers. Being client centric, many sellers and buyers trust and enjoy working with Andrew. As such, Andrew has since broken several sales records in the real estate industry, sweeping in several champion achiever awards in his company over the years.

Why we do

Start your journey with us! We are obsessed with creative digital marketing, gorgeous design and stunning videos. Every property is unique. Commonly, property agents use a one dimensional approach to market properties of all types. We believe that a customised marketing is essential to bring out your property to its fullest potential, to achieve the best sale price in the shortest time. Hundreds of satisfied customers Behind every property is a family, that has spent most of their savings on probably the biggest ticket item in their lives. We know how important it is when a property decision is made, be it selling or buying one. We do not take anything for granted. We believe that TRUST is the key to bridging a relationship together. When you engage us to represent you in your property journey, we ensure that we provide full transparency in all dealings and represent you in the best interest.

How we do

An open culture with a team of dynamic and motivated individuals.