Learn how to recruit the right talent with Wantedly

The search for talent is no easy feat. The most talented people are not necessarily active on job posting sites. So in order to reach them, you must use a new way to be heard.


Create your company profile

Share your story and inspire talented people

Present your team in the proper light. Your mission, vision, values, and photos of team members will help you build a strong employer brand.

Connect members to your company page

Add member's profiles to your company information page. This lets job seekers discover the personalities in your company.

Get the whole team involved

Add all members to your company information page to maximize the social reach of your job postings. Bring your whole team on-board - the more, the merrier.


Publish and share your job postings

What makes a good job posting?

Attract candidates with your purpose. Let them know you casually, and be honest and forthcoming in your description. Use a catchy title and appealing team photos to draw attention.

Your company profile appears in every job posting

Only the job description needs to be updated when you publish a new job posting. A detailed company description with appealing photos goes a long way.

Encourage members, friends, and supporters to share

Let your social network spread the word about your job postings. It's a simple strategy to reach out to both active and passive job seekers, and help you find the right candidates.


Connect with talent

Reach out to appealing candidates as soon as possible

The response rate of candidates greatly depends on the response rate of companies. Screen and message your candidates immediately. The dashboard helps you organize your applications so you never miss the right candidate.

Keep it casual and get to know each other

In the beginning, you and your candidate with a developing interest in your company benefit most from a casual conversation. Share thoughts on working together, and see if their cultural fit and passion for your cause is a match.

Proceed with interviewing and hiring

Should you find a suitable candidate, proceed with formal interviews in which employment details may be discussed. Even if you did not find the perfect match, you'll likely have made a valuable new connnection.